Are YOU Tamed?

Finding Your Truth!

Last week, I started reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle. The first few pages were amazing. I had to stop and share this with you, Sis.

Free YOUrself

I think of the ways I’ve been tamed. It started with my biological mother’s parenting style. She was a mother of 4 at 21 years old. Owwweeee the challenges! It was my responsibility to care for my siblings and take them everywhere with me.

Early on that taught me to put other people’s needs before mine.

Many of us were conditioned to:

Please other people

Keep it cute and mute

Not discuss politics, money, or religion

Not have sexual desires

Become a lawyer, doctor, and RICH.

The list continues.

My 20s were spent learning how to live for me. At 29, I felt completely comfortable doing what was best for me.

Here are five tips to becoming untamed based on my lived experiences:

1. Date yourself. You need to spend time alone to truly understand what it is you like. This means trying things alone and deciding if they work for you or not.

2. Listen to your inner spirit. Your gut knows. Trust her. Follow her. There’s no need to abandon your spirit.

3. I am a Christian and believe God is always speaking. What is God telling you? What messages are being repeated to you? Are you talking to God? Are you seeking God’s guidance? Spend some quiet time with God. Allow God to speak and use you.

4. Surround yourself with life giving people and experiences. Your circle must speak truth, encourage, and love you unapologetically. Find people you can learn from and teach.

5. Show up authentically and unapologeticallythrive you. Remember you were fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14). Live in that!

Are you tamed? If yes, what are you going to do to change that?

Are you untamed? If yes, how did you do it?

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Sis, take your power back!




Ya’ll, 2020 is not cancelled. Do you hear me?

Let me take off my sunnies cause ya’ll do not understand me. 2020 is NOT cancelled!

– Goals can still be accomplished!
– Money can be saved (depending on your finances)
– New skills can be learned
– A healthy lifestyle is calling your name (8+ hours of sleep a night, cook some homemade meals, exercise, and/or give your soul what it needs to unapologetically thrive)
– That new business/project is tired of being stuck in your head and wants to flourish aka launch it. Good enough is perfect for right now! Also, learn as you go!

Whatever you want to do, DO IT! Do not let fear or this pandemic stop you for living your best 2020!

I know I’m not. I mean clearly… This blog was started and Janny Panny’s Pantry launched two ish months ago.

I also believe I will:

  • Land a job that is life giving.
  • Celebrate my Dirty Flirty 30s. Hopefully, in a different country. I am thrilled to turn 30. It seems so grown, sexy, and meaningful. I don’t know where we will be in November with this pandemic, but please know that I will celebrate ME.
  • Grow and trust God more.
  • No matter what, I will flourish this year! You too, right?

I am glad you said, “yes!” Tell me how are you going to flourish this year?



Let’s Check In

Covid -19; How Are You Coping?

Covid-19 is a rollercoaster of emotions! Some days, I am living my best life and other days, I am soaking in MY realness of online classes (UGH! Not my fave whatsoever), unemployment and wondering when I will get a job, healing from a car accident (do not get me started) and wishing I could dance, hang out, and travel. And the realness of the world is doing a number on me!

Sister, do not get me wrong, I AM BLESSED! I have what I need. Living with family, entertaining Dais (my sweet baby doggy), the opportunity to get a second Master’s degree, learning my way around the kitchen, spending more time with God, and the list of blessings could go on and one. I have to remain in the now/this goodness and work on activities that are in my control. I cannot worry about tomorrow because I do not know what that will bring!

I strongly suggestion us to focus on activities that are life giving and please stay home/social distance when seeing folks! Also, wear your mask! Yes, it is uncomfortable and hard to breathe out of and it saves lives. So, wear it!

Below is a list of things that are keeping me calm, grateful, and are IN MY CONTROL!

  • Starting the day with prayer, thanksgivings, and/or gospel music. Spotify’s Rhythm & Praise playlist will have you singing and stomping through your house. I am sure my entire family knows this playlist and honey, that is FINE! We could all use a little more Jesus. HA
  • When my body is cooperating, I practice yoga (Yoga with Adriene – she is phenomenal. A fave. The videos are free), walk, and explore nature.
  • Baker Janny in the HOUSE! HAHA! I can bake some delicious bread and cookies. I started a business – Janny Panny’s Pantry. We are working on a website. Currently, taking orders here for Portland people only.undefined
  • Tell me you do not want a loaf? You know your mouth is watery. HA! I enjoy baking. It is relaxing and keeps me in the present moment! If baking isn’t your thang, try cooking. I enjoy SkinnyTaste, their meals are as simple or complex as one needs them to be. Check it out and let me know what fabulousness you’ve created.
  • WRITING! Write your feelings, thoughts, needs, or whatever else comes to mind. I am currently working on a daily devotional called, All in All. It is perfect for our current reality and a great time spent with God, understanding how God is with me each and every step of the way, and everything will be alright!
  • Spending time with loved ones. Sis, schedule that zoom meeting with your friends or family. Every other week, I chat with some of my Spelman (Oh, don’t you wish) Sisters and we are heard, seen, and laughing! Several weeks ago, I hosted a virtual pizza party with my niblings. (Nibling is a gender neutral term for niece and nephew.) It was so much fun and full of nibs’ updates!

Sister, how are you coping? What is working and isn’t working? How can I support you? Seriously, I mean that! We are in this together!