Take Me Back

To Concerts!!!

Yesssssss, Janny! Come through, Honey! Stuntin like my mama!

Do you remember that time when we could attend concerts? I miss those days. I also wonder if we will ever be cramped into a venue again?! What do you think?

This is from last year at Lizzo’s concert. I’ve been to every concert she’s had in Portland, except for one. She’s that GOOOOD!!! I think it is cool that my mother introduced me to her. Mom is so young and with it!

I really wanted to wear this dress. It was too many sizes too big. And I still rocked it. #OneHotMama

HAHA! Clearly, I was feeling this entire look. I am mean looooook aaaaaat me! I just noticed my fitness watch. Anytime I am stuntin like my mama, she would say, “take that watch off (with so much sass). It is ruining the outfit.”

“Mooooom, I need to get my steps.” My steps are IMPORTANT!

I looooove (pause) looooove going to concerts! I am a dancing and singing machine! Almost to the point of losing my voice and barely able to walk out of the venue. I go haaaaard! My favorite concerts thus far are One Direction (I used to looooooooove them), Sam Smith (still my hubs in my mind. He is not thinking about me though. That’s okay that’s okay), Beyonce, Lizzo and SZA. All great performers.

Oh my! Take a loooooong pause!

I attended the SZA concert and barely knew who she was. I had two girlfriends who were fans and invited our girl group. I said yes because I was down for a good time. When I brought my ticket – many months before the concert, I did not know one song. A couple of a days before the concert (ohhhh Janine), I started listening to her music. I knew enough to dance and sing a lyric here and there. She has a beautiful voice, spirt, and showed up unapologetically SZA. I was impressive by her vulnerability!

Let’s talk about how I missed my fave’s concert… THEEEE JOAN ARMATRADING! She announced her last US tour in 2015 and I could not go.

However, I think Joan Armatrading would have been on my favorite concert list. I won tickets to her concert and had to give them away. My Peace Corps assignment started the day or two before. Major tears! Thankfully, I can watch her videos and still listen to her music. She is great.

Who is your favorite performer? Who do you wish you could see in concert?

Let’s Dance this week! Times are hard and music/dancing are good for the soul!


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