Keep It Zen!

Hello hello!

While drinking my coffee, I selected the peace cup. I am currently feeling stressed. This week is midterms and the thought of it is doing a number on me. Normally, I am not too stressed about this type of thing. However, I am recovering from a traumatic brain injury. In November of last year, I was rear ended and experienced a concussion. Sooo, my brain isn’t as with it.

This cup is a reminder to take deep breaths, relax my shoulders, and remain peaceful. All I can do is my best. Honey, I have to say that again, all I can do is my best!

ALL YOU CAN DO IS YOUR BEST! We spend too many moments stressed about things that are out of our control.

How are you showing up for yourself? How is peace being displayed in your life?

Peace out!


2 thoughts on “Peace”

  1. Reminds me of when I was young. Started by doing hunger marches which raised money for every mile we walked. Usually 20 to 25 miles. This was 1968. We were in the middle of Vietnam. The Black Panthers, S D.S. Students for a democratic society & the Weathermen. The FBI would be in the crowds undercover. Rather like today. People working together for change. Not physically able these days. More behind the scenes & helping financially where I can. Wish I had your energy.


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