Ya’ll, 2020 is not cancelled. Do you hear me?

Let me take off my sunnies cause ya’ll do not understand me. 2020 is NOT cancelled!

– Goals can still be accomplished!
– Money can be saved (depending on your finances)
– New skills can be learned
– A healthy lifestyle is calling your name (8+ hours of sleep a night, cook some homemade meals, exercise, and/or give your soul what it needs to unapologetically thrive)
– That new business/project is tired of being stuck in your head and wants to flourish aka launch it. Good enough is perfect for right now! Also, learn as you go!

Whatever you want to do, DO IT! Do not let fear or this pandemic stop you for living your best 2020!

I know I’m not. I mean clearly… This blog was started and Janny Panny’s Pantry launched two ish months ago.

I also believe I will:

  • Land a job that is life giving.
  • Celebrate my Dirty Flirty 30s. Hopefully, in a different country. I am thrilled to turn 30. It seems so grown, sexy, and meaningful. I don’t know where we will be in November with this pandemic, but please know that I will celebrate ME.
  • Grow and trust God more.
  • No matter what, I will flourish this year! You too, right?

I am glad you said, “yes!” Tell me how are you going to flourish this year?



2 thoughts on “2020…”

  1. I’m going to flourish this year by being my authentic self and just overall figuring out what it’s I want/like in life, learning to sit back and just enjoy the coffee! I’m loving this newfound freedom and journey of being happy and positive!


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