Let’s Check In

Covid -19; How Are You Coping?

Covid-19 is a rollercoaster of emotions! Some days, I am living my best life and other days, I am soaking in MY realness of online classes (UGH! Not my fave whatsoever), unemployment and wondering when I will get a job, healing from a car accident (do not get me started) and wishing I could dance, hang out, and travel. And the realness of the world is doing a number on me!

Sister, do not get me wrong, I AM BLESSED! I have what I need. Living with family, entertaining Dais (my sweet baby doggy), the opportunity to get a second Master’s degree, learning my way around the kitchen, spending more time with God, and the list of blessings could go on and one. I have to remain in the now/this goodness and work on activities that are in my control. I cannot worry about tomorrow because I do not know what that will bring!

I strongly suggestion us to focus on activities that are life giving and please stay home/social distance when seeing folks! Also, wear your mask! Yes, it is uncomfortable and hard to breathe out of and it saves lives. So, wear it!

Below is a list of things that are keeping me calm, grateful, and are IN MY CONTROL!

  • Starting the day with prayer, thanksgivings, and/or gospel music. Spotify’s Rhythm & Praise playlist will have you singing and stomping through your house. I am sure my entire family knows this playlist and honey, that is FINE! We could all use a little more Jesus. HA
  • When my body is cooperating, I practice yoga (Yoga with Adriene – she is phenomenal. A fave. The videos are free), walk, and explore nature.
  • Baker Janny in the HOUSE! HAHA! I can bake some delicious bread and cookies. I started a business – Janny Panny’s Pantry. We are working on a website. Currently, taking orders here for Portland people only.undefined
  • Tell me you do not want a loaf? You know your mouth is watery. HA! I enjoy baking. It is relaxing and keeps me in the present moment! If baking isn’t your thang, try cooking. I enjoy SkinnyTaste, their meals are as simple or complex as one needs them to be. Check it out and let me know what fabulousness you’ve created.
  • WRITING! Write your feelings, thoughts, needs, or whatever else comes to mind. I am currently working on a daily devotional called, All in All. It is perfect for our current reality and a great time spent with God, understanding how God is with me each and every step of the way, and everything will be alright!
  • Spending time with loved ones. Sis, schedule that zoom meeting with your friends or family. Every other week, I chat with some of my Spelman (Oh, don’t you wish) Sisters and we are heard, seen, and laughing! Several weeks ago, I hosted a virtual pizza party with my niblings. (Nibling is a gender neutral term for niece and nephew.) It was so much fun and full of nibs’ updates!

Sister, how are you coping? What is working and isn’t working? How can I support you? Seriously, I mean that! We are in this together!



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